Farmers at the the Pittsboro Farmer’s Market:

Blueberries of Cameron

Blueberries of Cameron has been operating as a Blueberry farm for over 25 years and has a large family of loyal customers. With our U-Pick and We-Pick operation, we have observed mothers and fathers bringing their very young children to pick buckets of blueberries and seeing these children grow into teenagers as the families return each year to pick blueberries. Now these young children are returning as adults with their own families picking buckets of blueberries. Our farm is located in Cameron, NC and has been in our family for over 100 years. Our Blueberries are the Rabbiteye species with Tifblue, Powderblue, Delight, Climax and Premier the primary varieties. We have always used organic practices with our blueberries – no pesticides or commercial fertilizers.
It has been such a pleasure to be at the Pittsboro Farmers’ Market at Main Street Station and to meet the wonderful people who come by our tent to purchase and chat about blueberries.Thank you for welcoming us to the Market. We hope you will try our delicious blueberries, then come back for more!
Usually the Blueberries are ready for the market towards the end of June–this all depends on the weather. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!


Celebrity Dairy

Goat dairy products:

  • plain and herbed logs
  • spreadable cheese
  • dehydrated cheese
  • mold-ripened cheese
  • Yogurt


cookiesGrandma D’s

Gramma D’s Cookies and “treats” !! We are a state inspected, home based bakery offering a large variety of delicious cookies and baked goods all made from scratch by “Kathy”. We use locally produced ingredients, when available, and there are no added preservatives. We support four “farmers markets” in the area, as well as fill special orders for numerous outside events.


Granite Springs Farm

Granite Springs Farm is located 6 miles north of Pittsboro, NC off Highway 87 in Chatham County. We’re a Market Garden and CSA, growing vegetables and mushrooms without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. We also supply produce to several local restaurants. We hold open farm days throughout the year. Look for details on our website and “like us” on Facebook for the latest news and photos from the farm. We look forward to meeting you at the Pittsboro Farmers Market.

Lilly Den Farm

Lilly Den Farm works hard to provide a wide variety of natural and locally raised meats for individuals and families to enjoy with the peace of mind knowing the meat was raised healthy and humanely.

We are a young family of six who live in Goldston, NC. Tucker, a farmer from Schoharie, NY, was born on a small dairy farm. There he learned the work ethic and constant hard labor it takes to be a successful farmer. Milking a herd of 30 Guernseys, he became passionate about the show aspect of breeding and raising dairy cattle.

As Tucker became an adult he began to raise his own beef because he was tired of the poor quality of meats available. Due to the demands of desirable meats from friends and family, he decided to get his meat handlers licenses, expand on his variety, and sell his products locally.

Tucker enjoys breeding, raising and selling his products. However, he is still passionate about his herd of dairy show calves, heifers, and cows. He takes them to cattle exhibitions across the country with our 10 year old son, Dennet, our 9 year old daughter, Lilly, our 2 year old, Meadow and our newest family addition, Rye.

I, Mackenzie, was fourth grade teacher from Staten Island, NY who fell in love with a country boy and the farming way of life. I have been farming full time for almost 2 years now and am fortunate enough to home school Dennet and Lilly. I feel very fortunate to have our farm and I am excited to watch it grow. It is my dream to share this wonderful experience with others.
We stand behind our product completely. We are committed to providing high quality meats at a reasonable price.


Lu’s Farm

Lu’s Farm is located at Jordan Lake in Chatham County. We have a passion for growing our own veggies, flowers, and a wide variety of herbs & plants. We raise chickens & goats. We also sell our eggs when available. Our newest addition is our Farm kitchen. We now bake several different items & make our very own Farm salsa with with our ingredients & support other local farms. Our motto is “Simple Living” Catch Lu’s Farm on Facebook and keep up with our life on the farm.

red rootsRed Roots Farm

Red Roots Farm is a sustainable farming project in Pittsboro, NC. We grow seasonal vegetables, herbs, and mushrooms on two acres of Chatham County red earth. Everything we grow is raised from seed to harvest without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Through carefully-planned crop rotations, cover cropping, and habitat for beneficial insects, our farm plan focuses on maintaining soil fertility and using environmental resources in a sustainable way.

herbsSolstice Herb Farm

We are a family-owned micro-farm specializing in culinary & medicinal herbs, offering a retail line of apothecary formulary and handcrafted organic body care products. We are also a working homestead growing heirloom vegetables and fruits, utilizing sustainable, permaculture-based principles of responsible & ethical land stewardship.


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