About Us

The Pittsboro Farmers’ Market was started in 1997 as a collaborative effort on the part of local farmers, the Chatham County Cooperative Extension Service, the Chatham County Fair and local residents.

The Pittsboro Farmers’ Market is a “Producer Only” market, which means that the vendors may only sell the items they grow or produce; vendors are not allowed to buy and re-sell at the PFM. Producers within a 50 mile radius of Pittsboro are eligible to join the market.* This ensures fresh local offerings for our customers. Growers in the Chatham county area are able to produce a multitude of seasonal crops and the PFM provides an important outlet for direct marketing of their products.

Contact Us

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We can also be emailed at: pittsborofarmersmarket@gmail.com

Applications & Rules

If you would like to be a vendor at the Farmers market please see the market rules and application below:

  • Market Rules
  • Our market accepts applications for new vendors at the beginning of each calendar year. We are no longer accepting new vendor applications for 2024.

*Certain exemptions will apply, but are not limited, to seafood vendors and coffee roasters.